Churches of Granada

October 13th

On Saturday Brittany and I walked around Granada and got inside three of the churches on the main road.  We started at Guadelupe and moved on to the Cathedral.  We then met up with Britanny’s friends from Peace Corps in the Park and got food at Kelly’s Bar and then went to La Merced, a few blocks away.

Sculptures of Jesus and Mary in Church of Guadelupe

Inside the Cathedral










The Latin American church has a very different feel in palate and subject matter.  In the U.S. and Europe the sacrifice on the cross of Jesus is the central dominating feature.  In Nicaragua and as I imagine elsewhere the focus is on the Virgen Mary.  It is beyond my knowledge of the histories of the two churches as to why this has come to be.  Nicaragua’s churches are filled with bright colors yellows, baby blues, brilliant whites, My experience in Europe  and the states is of dark churches, with reds and browns  dominating.  Perhaps it is a result of the time period and natural palate surrounding the two churches, or the history of development one coming about in the dark ages after the fall of Rome and one to celebrate the brilliance of the Spanish dominion. La Merced and the Cathedral both have accessible bell towers offering brilliant views of the city and Mombacho (Volcano).

Scene of the Revelation of Mary in Cathedral

View of Central Park from Cathedral Tower










View of the Casa Cural from the Cathedral Tower

Statue of Mary inside La Merced

View of Mombacho

View of Cathedral from La Merced: Storm Coming

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